Circling Sicily in 2 weeks

Prepare yourself, put on your stylish sunglasses and board our campervan for an unforgettable journey.

Plan Your Road Trip in Sicily

For an unforgettable road trip, preparation is key. If you are embarking on a campervan trip in Sicily, ensure you rent a reliable and comfortable vehicle. Also, be sure to equip yourself with a GPS, necessary for navigating Sicily’s scenic roads. Consider also having a local map as some areas do not have internet connection.

In terms of logistics, plan your itinerary in order to have an overview of distances and travel times between each stage. Two weeks are enough to tour the island, but to discover Sicily in depth, it would be advisable to devote some days to local activities: visiting vineyards, picturesque villages, hiking, etc.

Head to Palermo

Begin your road trip in the vibrant capital of Sicily, Palermo. Enriched by a captivating history and a rich culture, this city offers a wide variety of sites to explore. Do not miss the Palermo Cathedral, the Palace of the Normans, and the Palatine Chapel, testimonies to the city’s past splendor. Then, after a busy day, return to your campervan for a restful night.

The North Coast and Cefalù

Continue your journey to Cefalù, a charming little seaside town perched on the north coast of Sicily. Wander its narrow streets to discover hidden treasures, such as the magnificent Norman cathedral or the picturesque fishing port.

The East Coast and Taormina

Your next stop is the east coast of Sicily and the perched city of Taormina. Enjoy the breathtaking sea view from the ancient Greek theatre, wander through the streets lined with elegant shops and taste a delicious Sicilian granita.

The South, Syracuse, and Ragusa

Then head south to the historic city of Syracuse. Visit the Neapolis archaeological park with its Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre, and the « Ear of Dionysus ». For a dip into Sicilian baroque, go to Ragusa and its surroundings.

Experiencing Sicily

Beyond tourist destinations, take the time to savor Sicilian cuisine. Try arancini (stuffed rice balls), caponata (eggplant stew) or cassata (ricotta cheese cake). Also interact with locals to fully enjoy this road trip experience.

Ending the Journey: The Zingaro Nature Reserve

End your Sicilian road trip beautifully at the Zingaro Nature Reserve. It is the perfect opportunity for a day hike, with cliff landscapes plunging into the sea, wild coves, and turquoise waters.

This is where your journey ends, but the memories and experiences will remain etched in your memory. Two weeks of road trip in Sicily will make you appreciate the natural, historical, and cultural riches of this beautiful island. So when will you leave for your next Sicilian adventure?