Going Skiing in a Motorhome: A Winter Trip unlike Any Other

While a skiing passion often entails long-term commitments to a lodging, another option is attracting more and more enthusiasts during the winter season: going skiing in a motorhome. Modern vehicles allow us to enjoy the pleasures of skiing while maintaining our freedom and comfort. If the idea appeals to you, discover the advantages and drawbacks of this adventure.

Advantages of Going Skiing in a Motorhome

Full Freedom of Movement

One of the main attractions of a motorhome is the freedom of movement it provides. You are not confined to a single ski area. You can move freely from one resort to another, without worrying about reservation complications or the exorbitant costs of hotel rooms. It’s also an excellent way to discover new landscapes and slopes.


Going skiing in a motorhome can be more economical than renting a chalet or staying in a hotel. You only have to pay for the motorhome expenses, fuel costs, and toll charges. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for large families or for people who plan to stay in the mountains for an extended period.

Comfort and Personalization

The motorhome allows you to feel « at home », even when you are in the middle of snowy mountains. You can bring all your personal belongings with you, and you won’t have to worry about formalities like check-in or check-out, or cleaning up the room.

Drawbacks of Going Skiing in a Motorhome

Weather Conditions

Winter is a season when weather conditions can be harsh. Roads can be snowy or icy, making driving a motorhome challenging. Moreover, it is essential to insulate the motorhome against the cold and keep it heated at all times to prevent the freezing of pipes and water on board.

Parking and Infrastructure

Parking in ski resorts can be a real headache. Some resorts do not allow or limit the parking of motorhomes. Some provide specially designed areas, but they can sometimes be overflowing in peak season. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your trip in advance.

Living in a Limited Space

Living on a motorhome, despite it being comfortable and well-equipped, requires good organization. Space is usually limited, and you need to manage the storage space for clothing and ski equipment efficiently. Furthermore, after a day outdoors, it is necessary to dry the equipment properly to maintain a healthy atmosphere inside the vehicle.

Going skiing in a motorhome is an incredible experience that brings a lot of freedom and adventure. However, it is important to plan your trip well and be aware of the constraints associated with using a motorhome in mountainous areas. So, if you are a fan of skiing and traveling, do not hesitate to try the motorhome skiing experience, as despite the minor drawbacks, the adventure is genuinely worth it.