Discovering Portugal in a Campervan: A Breath-Taking Adventure

Portugal is a charming and beautiful country that beckons for exploration. A campervan journey through this magnificent country is a unique and thrilling way to discover its hidden treasures, from its historic cities to its sumptuous beaches and striking natural landscapes. Here are a few points of interest not to be missed during this journey.

From Lisbon heading South

Start your adventure in Lisbon, the culturally rich capital. Visit the Belem district to see the Belem Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery, two UNESCO world heritage sites. Enjoy the panoramic view from the Castelo de Sao Jorge and take a stroll through the quaint alleyways of Alfama. The nightlife in the Bairro Alto district is also not to be missed, just like tasting the famous « pasteis de nata » pastries.

From Lisbon, head towards Sintra, a magical city full of colorful palaces and luxuriant gardens. The Pena National Palace, an architectural wonder overlooking the city, is a must. Other points of interest include the Castelo dos Mouros, Quinta da Regaleira, and the Sintra National Palace.

Continue your journey southwards towards the Algarve, a region famed for its stunning beaches and steep cliffs. Stop at Lagos for a tour of Ponta da Piedade, an impressive set of rock formations. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Praia do Camilo and Praia da Dona ana beaches. Don’t miss visiting the astonishing Benagil cave, accessible only by sea.

Back North into the Hinterland

Your next stop is in Évora, a well-preserved medieval city in the heart of Alentejo. Walk around the cobblestone streets, admire the Évora Cathedral and discover the intriguing Chapel of Bones. Wine lovers will also appreciate a visit to the surrounding vineyards, famous for their Alentejo wines.

It’s time to move on to Coimbra, a city built on a hill which houses one of the world’s oldest universities. Explore the Joanina Library, the Botanical Garden, and the Machado de Castro National Museum. Proceed to Aveiro, often dubbed the « Portuguese Venice » due to its picturesque canals.

Finally, arrive at Porto, the city of Portuguese wine. Visit the Lello bookstore, one of the world’s most beautiful, and explore the immense Porto Cathedral. Cross the Luis I bridge for a Port wine tasting in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, and enjoy the view of Porto from the terrace of the Serra do Pilar Monastery.

A campervan trip in Portugal gives you unparalleled freedom. You can stop wherever you want, whenever you want, sleep to the sounds of nature, and wake up to unbeatable views. Natural parks, secluded beaches, tranquil villages, and breath-taking mountains are all just a short drive away.

Portugal is a country of incredible diversity, where each city has something unique to offer. Whether it’s savoring fresh seafood in a seaside restaurant in Cascais, surfing the waves of Nazaré, or soaking up the tranquil atmosphere of the olive farms in Alentejo, there’s always something to discover. It’s this diversity and sense of adventure that make a campervan trip in Portugal an unforgettable experience.

A road trip in a campervan is a great opportunity to explore Portugal. This adventure will allow you not only to navigate the country freely but also to discover its culture, gastronomy, and historic cities. Prepare for an emotional journey rich in discoveries. You will certainly return with lifelong memories of this exceptional country.