Scandinavian Road-Trip from Germany

The spirit of travel and the desire for freedom lead us to talk about a special adventure today: a road-trip through Scandinavia by motorhome, starting from Germany. Scandinavia, with its spectacular landscapes, breath-taking mountains, and charming little picturesque towns, offers real gems for any traveler seeking authenticity and nature. With its Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Scandinavia promises an extraordinary adventure on the road.

Why start from Germany?

It is a strategic place to reach Scandinavia when renting a motorhome. First, if the duration of your road-trip is limited to 2 or 3 weeks, it saves at least 2000 kilometers and a few days of travel for the round trip. The fleet of motorhomes available is significant in Germany with the two main renters McRent and Rent Easy. Finally, in terms of budget, the rental price is lower compared to a direct rental in Norway, Sweden or Finland. All that’s left for you is to reach Germany, and more particularly the North Schleswig-Holstein region by train, car or plane, with cities like Hamburg, Lensahn, Flensburg.

Denmark, the gateway to our journey

The capital, Copenhagen, offers real architectural gems such as the Christiansborg Castle or the Little Mermaid inspired by Andersen’s tales. After a bike tour of the city, the road trip experience in a motorhome will begin.

Crossing the majestic Öresund Bridge, which connects Denmark to Sweden, the journey continues north to Stockholm. While enjoying the beauty of the Swedish landscapes with its vast green forests and lakes, one already feels far from urban hustle and bustle, and close to nature. Stockholm, a city built on 14 islands, is a must-see. History enthusiasts will appreciate the Vasa Museum and the old town of Gamla Stan, while nature lovers will enjoy the Tyresta National Park, just a few kilometers from the city.

Heading towards the Norwegian fjords

The journey continues to Norway, where the Norwegian fjords undoubtedly constitute the highlight of the trip. These wonders of nature remain captivating, no matter how many times they have been photographed. Bergen, the gateway to the fjords, is a charming fishing town with its colorful houses and famous fish market.

As you go further North in Norway, the landscape morphs: fjords give way to the vast plateaus of the mountains and the Troll’s Route offers breathtaking panoramas. The Lofoten Islands, with their picturesque fishing huts and white sandy beaches, are an essential part of your journey.

Heading back through Finland

The road-trip then continues in Finland. The experience of the Finnish sauna, a real cultural tradition, is worth trying. Finnish Lapland is a real haven for nature lovers, with its dense forests, lakes, and northern lights in winter. Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’s town, offers visitors a unique experience, especially with the Santa Claus Village where the magical Christmas atmosphere is present all year round.

Returning South through the center of Sweden, you will pass near Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Western Europe, where water activities, walks, and bird watching await. Then head down to Gothenburg, on the west coast, a superb blend of nature, culture, and urban dynamism.

All in all, taking a road-trip through Scandinavia by motorhome proves to be an escape filled with cultural discoveries and reconnection with nature. On offer are varied landscapes, enriching cultural discoveries, the chance to observe the Northern Lights, and the unrivaled freedom of a motorhome trip.

This Nordic adventure requires a certain level of preparation. It is recommended to check the local regulations concerning wild camping, special road conditions, and the weather that can be extremely variable. However, this preparation is handsomely rewarded by the beauty of the landscapes, the authenticity of encounters, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in Scandinavian culture. This region with a thousand and one facets promises a journey full of surprises and wonders.