Top 7 Van Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Day

Van life has never been more popular. Each year, more and more people are drawn to the freedom this alternative lifestyle offers. New Year’s Day is a unique moment to celebrate, no matter where you are on earth. For those living in a van, choosing a destination is an exciting change. Here are some of the best places to spend New Year’s in a van.

Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona, an ancient town located on Spain’s golden coast, is an ideal destination to celebrate New Year’s Day. This seaside city offers a mild winter climate, stunning beaches, and rich historical heritage. You can park in areas specifically set up for vans and camp next to Roman ruins or on deserted beaches.

The Canary Islands, Spain

If you want to celebrate the new year in a tropical climate, the Canary Islands are an excellent choice. These islands offer a warm climate year-round, stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of outdoor activities. Night parking regulations for vans differ from one island to another, so it’s best to check local regulations in advance.

Lake Annecy, France

Lake Annecy in France is a true haven for nature lovers. With its breathtaking landscapes, hiking trails, and nearby ski resorts, it’s the ideal place to celebrate New Year’s in the great outdoors. Parking areas for vans are available all year round.

Berlin, Germany

If you wish to spend New Year’s Day in a European metropolis, Berlin is an excellent choice. The city offers rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and very festive New Year’s celebrations. Berlin has several parking areas for vans, making it a van-friendly destination.


Morocco is a fascinating destination for a van trip, especially in winter. The country offers an appealing mix of beautiful beaches, spectacular mountain landscapes, and lively cities. You can park in official campsites or ask permission to park in small villages. New Year’s fireworks in the desert are an unforgettable experience.

Yosemite National Park, United States

For people living in a van in the United States or near San Francisco, Yosemite National Park in California is a beautiful place to spend New Year’s Day. Imagine sunrise over snowy peaks and the fresh air of the pine trees. There are many beautiful spots where you can park for the night, although reservations are required during the holiday season.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, and its varied landscapes make it ideal for van life. Whether you choose to spend the evening in one of the bigger cities like Auckland or Wellington, or somewhere more picturesque, such as Tongariro National Park or Fiordland National Park, you’re sure to start the New Year beautifully.

There are plenty of places to spend New Year’s Day in a van. The key is to choose a destination that suits your preferences in terms of climate, activities, and crowds. Don’t forget to check local parking and camping rules, and most importantly, take full advantage of the freedom your van offers. Happy New Year and safe travels!