10 recipes to cook in a converted van

Personally, I love pasta with gruyere and sandwiches
 but after several days on the road, I inevitably get tired of them! So, I have prepared for you a dozen simple and quick recipes to cook in your van or camper van, without having a full kitchen on hand 😉

Mixed salads

They are easy to prepare and balanced. For example, you can make a lentil, quinoa or couscous salad with fresh vegetables. Add some grilled meat, smoked salmon, or eggs for protein. As for proteins, being neither vegetarian nor vegan, I can’t give too much advice in these areas. Despite this, I’ve significantly reduced my meat intake with soy « steaks » and halloumi that I love.


They indeed look a lot like sandwiches
 You can fill them with vegetables, grilled chicken, tuna, hummus, etc. They are quick to make and easy to eat while traveling.


They are simple to prepare, and you can add different vegetables, mushrooms, or cheeses for more variety.

Buddha Bowl

A mix of cooked and raw vegetables, legumes, and cereal. You can also add nuts and seeds. They are very nutritious and will keep you full for a few hours.


They are nutritious and comforting, especially during winter road trips! Yes, it’s not simple to cook onboard a van, but they keep really well in the fridge if you have one, so prepare a few bowls in advance and heat them up in 2 minutes flat.


Like chia seeds, they can be prepared in advance and are great for a healthy breakfast or snack. There are ready-made and delicious mixes available in stores for very reasonable prices.

Fish in foil

Easy to prepare, all you need is to wrap fish with vegetables in aluminum foil and cook them on slow heat. No oven is needed – a small pan is enough.

Fried rice and vegetables

Simple and quick to prepare. You can add tofu or meat for proteins.

Croque Monsieur

A simple, fast, and timeless recipe primarily requiring bread, cheese, and ham. You can add an egg on top to make a « Croque Madame ».

The secret of eating well during a road trip is planning meals. As there is very little storage space, especially for fresh products, it is important to organise in advance and know exactly what you are going to buy when you enter the local store. Plus, take the time to cook for yourself – the joy of the trip comes from there too!

If you don’t have too much time to cook, make it in larger quantity when you get to it, to have leftovers for the next day, or even the day after! This allows you to eat healthily even on the road.