The madness of retro vans!

Citroën, one of the leading French automobile manufacturers, recently unveiled its brand new motorhome, the Type Holidays, a leisure vehicle inspired by the iconic Type H from the double-chevron brand. This vehicle, reminding of the brand’s historical heritage while offering modern conveniences, is ideal for neo-adventurers longing for travels.

The Citroën Type Holidays reinforces the brand’s commitment to offering exceptional driving and travel experiences. Keeping outdoor adventures in mind, this compact vehicle integrates all the essential elements for comfortable and satisfactory holidays on the road.

Aesthetically speaking, the new Citroën Type Holidays van is a modern evocation of its distant predecessor, the Citroën Type H, often dubbed “the tube”. The retro design of the bodywork of this new fitted van, with its wavy lines and short hood, is undeniably inspired by the Type H, produced from 1947 to 1981. This return to the roots perfectly illustrates Citroën’s willingness to celebrate its heritage, while looking forward to the future.

While preserving this heritage and retro aspect, the Citroën Type Holidays remains nonetheless a modern vehicle adapted to current needs. This fitted van is built on the basis of a Jumper transformed by Pössl, one of the leaders in the motorhome sector. This alliance allows future owners to benefit from the expertise and quality of both brands for flawless comfort during travels.

Moving from the outside to the inside of the Type Holidays, a fully equipped living space for camping is discovered. It thus offers a transverse double bed, a compact kitchenette with a refrigerator, a sink, and even cooking plates, giving travelers a feeling of a small motorhome on wheels. The space also has a dining area, which can be converted into another sleeping area.

The Type Holidays also provides energy autonomy thanks to the presence of solar panels. This detail is a real reflection on the habits of today’s travelers, increasingly concerned about the impact of their trip on the environment. Indeed, with these panels, the van is capable of operating electrical equipment without having to resort to an external energy source.

This modernized version pays tribute to the original Type H while offering features tailored to the contemporary needs of travelers. With a height of less than 2 meters, the Type Holidays easily navigates the city and parks trouble-free in covered car parks.

In conclusion, the new Citroën Type Holidays is a leisure truck that harmoniously combines a retro design with modern features. It offers an extraordinary travel experience with all the necessary comfort for long journeys, while respecting the importance of sustainability and ecology.

Equipped with all these features, the Citroën Type Holidays is much more than a mere vehicle of transport. It is a genuine traveling companion perfect for loving adventure and freedom. Get ready to rediscover the joy of road travel with this perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and retro style.